weiler Turnkey Precast Plants - Interview Bloomberg TV Mongolia

Interview with Mr. Klaus Grossheinrich (Sales Director East) on October 10th, 2014, at Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia, by Bloomberg TV, after opening of weiler plant of Grand Building (“Grand Baishin”).

The interview was not meant about our customer and his plant, but more about the construction with concrete elements (advantages), its possibilities in Mongolia, the sustainability of such buildings, the quality of the weiler machines and the advantages of our company as a partner and supplier of turnkey solutions of complete installations.

First complete plant for concrete elements for different types in Mongolia. Sold end of 2012. Start of shipments and set-in-operation in 2013. Completion and start of production in the plant in 2013 / 2014. It is a production of concrete elements for the application of multi level buildings which are designed accordingly in a modular precast system.

Possibility of production of the following precast elements:

  1. Pre-stressed hollow core slabs for floors or ceilings  MAX-truder®
  2. Thin (<12cm) hollow core slabs for non-bearing walls  MAX-truder®
  3. Solid or isolated wall panels as bearing walls  production on hydraulic weiler tilting tables
  4. Precast stairs  production with weiler stair mould
  5. Armed and solid precast bar-shaped elements (e.g. piles and binders)  production with weiler twin mould

Additionally weiler supplied the batching plant with silo feeder system, with completely automated concrete distribution. And, of course, additional equipment such as the concrete saw and the bed cleaning machine.