60 Years of Success and
Partner in the Precast Concrete Industry.



1950s. The Early Years

1954. Foundation of the machinery factory weiler Brauer KG in Weiler nearby Bingen.

1955. Development, testing, and commissioning of the first weiler slip former for pre-stressed floor beams.

1955. At the same time, production of a simple concrete saw and pre-stress equipment.

1958. 1st participation in the world’s biggest construction machinery exhibition BAUMA in Munich.


1960s. Development

1961. Development and commissioning of the first weiler slip former for pre-stressed hollow core floor slabs.

1963. Commissioning of the first multi-layer slip former for hollow core slabs.

1964. Construction of a new industrial building with a production area of 1250 m² in Weiler bei Bingen.

1968. Delivery of the tenth slip former plant for pre-stressed T-beams to RDB in Italy.


1970s. Steps Into the World

1st weiler universal slip former:

By simply exchanging the inserts, beams and hollow core slabs are produced with the same machine.

weiler machines are becoming an export hit: Australia, Canada, the Middle East, and South Europe are the most important markets.

1st weiler multi-wire stressing jack for the simultaneous stressing of several wires.

Development of the HAUKE hollow beam, which is produced by weiler machines.

1st weiler slip formers with an extended working width of 240 cm, for example, to SPE in Avezzano, Italy or FORMACON, Canada.


1980s. Generational Change

1980. 1st weiler fully automatic saw with programmable cutting length and automatic wear-adjustment of the saw blade.

1982. Stationary weiler saw plant for angle and rib cuts.

1984. Matthias Holzberger steps into the company’s management.

1986. World’s innovation at BAUMA in Munich: weiler universal slip former with hydraulic 4-wheel drive.

1988. Weiler evolves from a machine factory to a plant manufacturer.


1990s. New Technologies

1990. Mobile hydraulic universal saw for angle and rib cuts.

1992. Turn-key is conquered: The 1st complete weiler slip former plant
for T-beams and hollow core slabs is sold to BETOYA in Izmir, followed by further eight plants in the following years.

1994. 1st weiler extruder for hollow core floor slabs 15, 20, 25, and 32 cm high.

1998. The 2nd generation of the weiler extruder follows producing hollow core slabs with a height of 40 cm.


2000s. Stable Growth

Weiler becomes a supplier for complete and turn-key precast concrete plants.

2000. 1st weiler plant installed in South Africa, further five projects follow.

2001. 1st weiler extruder plant in Bahrain. In the following years, further 22 plants are sold to the Middle East.

2004. 1st weiler concrete batching plant.

2008. Relocation of Weiler to Gau-Algesheim to an industrial site with 50.000 m².

2009. Weiler's 3rd extruder generation is the birth of the new MAX-truder®.


2010s. Export Champion

Global exhibition participation in over 28 important cities around the world.

2010. 1st mobile weiler extruder plant for 15 and 20 cm high hollow core floors.

2011. Weiler participates in rebuilding Iraq, the biggest project with Aliedad is worth 9.800.000 €. Today more than nine weiler factories are in Iraq.

2012. 1st weiler tilting table line is set into operation.

2013. 1st weiler battery mould developed and set into operation.

2014. Weiler installs plants in Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Russia and Kazakhstan.

2015. Weiler plans to build a new production facility.